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RSA Enhances NetWitness Live Threat Information Sharing

SAN FRANCISCO -- RSA CONFERENCE 2012 -- RSA, the Security Division of EMC, today introduced enhancements to its NetWitness Live™ platform, including expanded threat content and added support for new analytics platforms.

The RSA NetWitness Live service is a cloud-based threat intelligence delivery platform that aggregates, analyzes and spotlights security content from approximately 100 sources.

RSA LogoAimed a helping in the battle against advanced threats, The RSA NetWitness Live service now provides 30 percent more threat content and customized content distribution capabilities.

Three enhancements to the NetWitness Live service were released today at the RSA Conference taking place in San Francisco this wee, including:

Expanded Threat Content – The RSA NetWitness Live service now offers 1,000 pieces of content (reports, rules, parsers, etc.) from over 100 different threat information sources, tracking more than 5 million IP addresses and domains. Among the newly added data sources are the RSA CyberCrime Intelligence service and RSA eFraudNetwork™, which together aggregate fraud intelligence from 500 million networked devices and 250 million users worldwide. Newly added third-party threat indicator feeds include Verisign® iDefense® Security Intelligence Services and Critical Intelligence Services. RSA NetWitness Live has also integrated intelligence feeds from both Bit9 and ThreatGRID for malware analysis.

RSA NetWitness Live Manager 2.1 with Content Profiles – RSA NetWitness Live Manager provides a central management console to help organizations tailor their content sources based on their unique environment and threat profile, add their own network monitoring feeds and optimize content flow. RSA NetWitness Live Manager content profiles are engineered to be customizable and to empower security teams to more easily organize and distribute RSA NetWitness Live content for virtually any use case or network environment.

Added Support for New Security Analytics Platforms – The RSA NetWitness Live service added support for two key security analytics solutions: the RSA NetWitness for Logs platform and the RSA NetWitness Spectrum™ malware detection platform.

"Threat intelligence and related information must be shared faster than ever to defeat today's cyber adversaries, whose attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and customized," says Amit Yoran, SVP and General Manager of RSA's Security Management & Compliance Division. "By tapping into the collective intelligence and analytical skills of the global security community, the RSA NetWitness Live service helps organizations significantly enhance their situational awareness and shorten their time to respond to potential threats. The latest enhancements and integrations extend our industry-leading capabilities in real-time security analytics and advanced threat detection to give organizations more timely and constructive visibility into potential attack vectors."

Today at the RSA Conference 2012, RSA said it will demonstrate a cloud-based framework and proof-of-concept designed to help the global security industry test new ideas and methods for improving threat information sharing and collaboration.

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