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Ransomware Attack Disrupts Manufacturing at KP Snacks

British snacks producer Kenyon Produce (KP) Snacks has fallen victim to a ransomware attack that caused some disruptions to its manufacturing and distribution operations.

The German-owned company says it became aware of the attack on January 28, and that it immediately took the necessary steps to contain the incident.

Responding to a SecurityWeek inquiry, KP Snacks said it started an investigation into the attack soon after enacting its cybersecurity response plan. However, the situation hasn’t been resolved as of yet.

“While this is causing some disruption to our manufacturing and shipping processes, we are already working on plans to keep our products stocked and on shelves,” KP Snacks told SecurityWeek.

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The company also said it has informed employees, customers, and suppliers of the incident, adding that it is keeping them informed of new developments.

While KP Snacks said that its operations suffered “some disruptions,” reports suggest that shortages could last for a couple of months, due to the severity of the attack.

The company didn’t say which ransomware family was involved in the attack, but the Russian-speaking cybergang behind the Conti ransomware might be responsible.

Conti’s operators reportedly stole a great deal of data from the company, including employees’ personal information, credit card statements, confidential documents, and other data, and are threatening to leak the information online unless the company pays a ransom.

SecurityWeek hasn’t found mentions of the attack on Conti’s leaks website.

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