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ProtonMail Launches Encrypted Calendar Application

ProtonMail has released the beta version of ProtonCalendar, its fully encrypted calendar application that aims to help users both keep track of their plans and keep their data private.

Built with end-to-end encryption right from the start, the app can secure and protect users’ sensitive events-related information, ProtonMail says.

Data such as event title, description, location, and participants is encrypted on the device before being sent to the ProtonMail servers, meaning that no third party can access the details.

ProtonCalendar beta is already available for ProtonMail users with paid plans. To use it, one would simply need to log into their account using ProtonMail version 4.0 beta.

At the moment, ProtonCalendar allows users to create and delete events, and have them repeat every day, week, or month. The calendar application also includes support for setting reminders.

ProtonCalendar is an early beta release, but “substantial developments” are planned for the project until its public release, including the ability to share the calendar with other ProtonMail users, or the option to send event invites to anyone, even non-ProtonMail users.

Scheduling will also be simplified, through support for syncing events from the ProtonMail inbox with the ProtonCalendar.

The calendar aims to help users plan events in a convenient, secure way by employing the same end-to-end encryption as ProtonMail, thus ensuring that user data remains protected even following a potential breach of ProtonMail servers.

“Our calendar stops private companies from spying on your schedule. For our users with heightened security needs, ProtonCalendar will prevent authoritarian regimes from seeing who you are meeting with and what you are doing,” ProtonMail says.

The calendar app, ProtonMail says, has been one of their most requested products, and its release should increase the utility of its private email service too. Soon, users will also have the option to privately save and share documents to the cloud with ProtonDrive.

“Our mission is to create an Internet that serves you and doesn’t require you to hand over your personal data to governments or corporations,” the encrypted mail service provider says.

At the moment, the calendar app is only available in the web version of ProtonMail, but iOS and Android mobile applications will be released in 2020, ProtonMail says.

“While we are excited to release the ProtonCalendar beta today to get initial feedback from the community, we realize there is still work to be done. We look forward to receiving and incorporating your input so that ProtonCalendar can meet all of your calendar needs,” the company notes.

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