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Novell Releases Cloud Management Solution

Cloud Management Solution designed to help customers build and securely manage cloud environments across all leading hypervisors, operating systems and hardware platforms

Cloud Management Solution designed to help customers build and securely manage cloud environments across all leading hypervisors, operating systems and hardware platforms

Novell recently released “Novel Cloud Manager,” a solution designed to help IT managers operating heterogeneous IT environments create and manage private clouds across leading hypervisors, operating systems and hardware platforms.Novell Cloud Manager

Novell Cloud Manager provides a single console that all stakeholders – business unit leaders, application teams and IT management – can use to request, approve, manage and report on IT services across their infrastructure. It is hypervisor-agnostic, which is becoming more important as today’s enterprises increasingly deploy a mix of hypervisors in their data centers.

In a recent survey of more than 200 IT professionals at large enterprises, sponsored by Novell, 89 percent of respondents see private clouds as the next logical stop for organizations already using virtualization and 93 percent feel private cloud platforms should offer a management framework that can span a heterogeneous infrastructure. In addition, 91 percent of survey respondents note concern about the inherent security risks public clouds present.

“The phenomenal adoption of virtualization technologies within the data center has solved many IT problems, but has also made it easy for rapid proliferation of individual virtual machines that consume the finite available physical resources at a very rapid pace,” said Fred Broussard, research director, PC, Device and IT Service Management Software at IDC. “What today’s changing IT environments demand is a practical solution that will help deliver on the promise of utility computing and attain the ROI benefits of virtualization – products that create and manage cloud environments by provisioning whole IT services, comprised of one or more workloads, in a controlled, secure and compliant way.”

Some of the key benefits of Novell Cloud Manager include:

• Support of industry leading hypervisors and operating systems including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and open source Xen;

• Operating systems supported include SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Microsoft Windows Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

• Provides automated, on-demand workload provisioning, automatically creates and deploys workloads into the virtual environment based on a service catalog of predefined workload templates. 

• Controls virtual sprawl with cost visibility — exposes the real costs of workloads, resources and service levels, allowing business service owners to select only what they really need. Costs can be linked to nearly all items relevant to a business service: workloads, associated resources (virtual CPUs, memory, virtual network cards and disk space) and service levels. Infrastructure managers have the flexibility to maintain pricing options for different user groups.

• Creates a secure and compliant environment — enforces an organization’s internal approval process, as well as best practices like ITIL. Security profiles can be configured at the user, group, workload and business service levels, ensuring consistent application of security policies and rights management.

Novell Cloud Manager is available immediately.

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