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Nikkei Says Customer Data Likely Impacted in Ransomware Attack

Asian media giant Nikkei has disclosed a ransomware attack that might have impacted customer data.

Based in Tokyo, Nikkei, Inc. is a media company specialized in business, financial, and industry news, and which owns Financial Times and The Nikkei. With a daily circulation of over 3 million, The Nikkei is the world's largest financial newspaper.

On Thursday, Nikkei announced that a server at its headquarters in Singapore was infected with ransomware last week.

“Unauthorized access to the server was first detected on May 13, prompting an internal probe. Nikkei Group Asia immediately shut down the affected server and took other measures to minimize the impact,” the media giant said.

Nikkei also noted that customer data was likely stored on the affected server, but that its investigation into the nature and scope of the attack continues.

The company said that it hasn’t seen the potentially affected data being leaked publicly.

Nikkei is not the only major Japanese organization to fall victim to a cyberattack this year. Car manufacturer Toyota and car parts maker Denso disclosed incidents in February and March, respectively.

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