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New Tool Helps G Suite Admins Uncover Security Threats

Google on Tuesday announced the general availability of a tool that helps G Suite customers identify security issues within their domains, and take action.

Referred to as Investigation tool, the feature was made available as part of an Early Adopter Program in July, and is now accessible to all G Suite Enterprise and Enterprise for Education editions.

Building on existing capabilities in the security center, Google says the tool will provide admins and security analysts with the ability to identify, triage, and remediate security threats.

The investigation tool includes advanced search capabilities, to easily identify security issues within a domain, and can be used to triage threats regardless of whether they are targeting users, devices, or data.

More importantly, the utility provides admins with the option to take bulk actions on any of the discovered issues, to limit the propagation and impact of threats.

Based on the feedback received from those participating in the Early Adopter Program, Google has already improved the investigation tool with a series of new features.

Thus, the search giant says it enhanced security to prevent insider risk through offering the option to require a second admin to verify large actions in the investigation tool.

Customers now also take advantage of more fine-grained visibility while investigating incidents, the company says. There’s email header analysis available to see attributes and the delivery path for the email, along with visibility into Team Drive settings and the option to change access permissions directly from the utility.

The investigation tool also includes a simplified interface, featuring user auto-complete. Emails and names from the organization , for examples, will be auto-completed as an admin types in parameters.

“The investigation tool, with its simple UI, makes it easier for admins to identify threats without having to worry about analyzing logs which can be time-consuming and require complex scripting,” Google said.

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