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Netography Launches Open Beta of Distributed IPS Service

Network security company Netography on Tuesday announced the launch of its first service, advertised as a new type of intrusion prevention system (IPS).

Distributed IPS, which is currently in open beta, is described by the company as the next step in the evolution from intrusion detection systems to intrusion prevention systems.

The Netography Distributed IPS uses a proprietary cloud flow collector to harvest Stflow, Netflow and VPC flow data in an effort to help network and security teams identify and block malicious traffic, including botnets, DDoS attacks, unauthorized login attempts, and data exfiltration.


By combining the power of the cloud with distributed telemetry gathering capabilities, the Distributed IPS service can help organizations continuously and automatically detect and address threats, the company said.

“Many organizations have been forced to create their own tooling to coordinate block lists, threat detection, and flow together,” said Dan Murphy, co-founder and CTO of Netography. “A lot of these tools have been hacked together by teams that no longer exist, and as a result, nobody wants to touch or update them for fear of breaking something. Our Distributed IPS will reduce the overhead of developing and supporting custom controls for networks, and deliver powerful integrations to make investments in existing security tools more valuable.”

Netography emerged from stealth mode in February 2019 with $2.6 million in seed funding. At the time it expected its autonomous network security platform to become generally available in the second quarter of 2019.

However, the company now told SecurityWeek that the feature set and capabilities evolved to a more robust level than originally anticipated at the time of the earlier announcement, which it claims is typical with product development. The beta offering will allow Netography to bring on some early customers that will help the firm shape the product further and give it time to develop some additional capabilities for when it becomes generally available.

Netography was founded by Murphy and DDoS mitigation pioneer Barrett Lyon, who serves as Netography’s CEO. Lyon is known for founding DDoS protection solutions provider Prolexic, which Akamai acquired in 2014 for $370 million. He also founded BitGravity, XDN and, which have been acquired by Tata Communications, Fortinet, and F5 Networks, respectively.

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