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Making the Business Case for Advanced Threat Protection: Resource

Demonstrating Security ROI to Non-Technical Executives

We know you get it. Today’s cyber threats require advanced security. Our traditional network and endpoint defenses are clearly outmatched and don’t stand a chance at preventing, investigating, or remediating today’s targeted attacks.

Security Reimagined: A FireEye ReportBut why doesn’t your company get it? And more importantly, why doesn’t your boss or the board of directors get it? Perhaps you’re not making your case using language that they can easily understand—money.

Given today’s sophisticated threat landscape— and how difficult it is to prevent, investigate, and remediate targeted attacks—advanced security solutions should be viewed as a strategic business investment, with a typical payback period between one and two years.

If you want to make your case for investing in advanced threat protection to your company’s executives, then you’ll need to think like your executives. This white paper shows you how.

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