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LogLogic Expands Product Line with Log Management Virtual Appliances

Log management and security company, LogLogic, today released a preview of its upcoming log management virtual appliances. The LogLogic Log Management Virtual Appliance is a virtual log management solution, offering enterprise-grade log data collection, search and storage capabilities for companies seeking to improve business operations, enhance security and meet compliance requirements. The virtual appliances operate on VMWare’s ESX virtual servers as well as on devices running VMWare WorkStation, and VMWare Player. LogLogic Appliance

“By offering a virtual solution, our customers will gain increased flexibility and scalability from their log management deployments as well as lower operational costs, all while experiencing the same quality of our hardware-based solutions. This is also another step in our march to being a premier cloud technology provider.” As with LogLogic’s hardware-based log management solutions, the LogLogic Log Management Virtual Appliances will deliver comprehensive log aggregation, retention, and search, as well as customizable alerts and reports covering identity and access management, user activity, network changes, security, business continuity and IT performance. “In order to meet strict compliance mandates and improve overall security posture, businesses must collect, retain and analyze log data from applications and devices distributed all over the world,” said Guy Churchward, CEO of LogLogic.

While unsupported during the preview, users may download and preview and evaluation version of the product which is limited to 3 days of log retention.

LogLogic says the Virtual Appliances will be available in the fourth quarter of 2010. The company also recently cut the price of its Security Event Management products by more than 50 percent.

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