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Out of the 335 public recommendations on a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy made since 2010, 190 were not implemented by federal agencies as of December...

Application Security

Electric car maker Tesla is using the annual Pwn2Own hacker contest to incentivize security researchers to showcase complex exploit chains that can lead to...

Microsoft Patch Tuesday: 97 Windows Vulns, 1 Exploited Zero-Day

Application Security

Microsoft’s security patching machine hummed into overdrive Tuesday with the release of fixes for at least 97 documented software vulnerabilities, including a zero-day that’s...

Microsoft Patches Azure Cross-Tenant Data Access Flaw

Application Security

Microsoft has silently fixed an important-severity security flaw in its Azure Cognitive Search (ACS) after an external researcher warned that a buggy feature allowed cross-tenant network...

Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Plugs Windows Hole Exploited in Ransomware Attacks

Application Security

Microsoft on Tuesday pushed a major Windows update to address a security feature bypass already exploited in global ransomware attacks.The operating system update, released...

Fortinet Ships Emergency Patch for Already-Exploited VPN Flaw

Application Security

Fortinet on Monday issued an emergency patch to cover a severe vulnerability in its FortiOS SSL-VPN product, warning that hackers have already exploited the...