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DoD Launches 'Hack US' Bounties for Major Flaws in Publicly Exposed Assets

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) has launched a one-week bug bounty program to reward researchers who find high- and critical-severity vulnerabilities in publicly accessible assets owned by the DoD.

The new program, called Hack U.S., is a brief extension of the DoD's vulnerability disclosure program (VDP) that runs on the HackerOne platform.  It will be open between July 4 and July 11 to bug hunters and security researchers all over the world.

Here are the raw details from the DoD/HackerOne announcement:

From July 4th, 2022, to July 11th, 2022, High and Critical severity findings ONLY will be eligible for a bounty on any publicly accessible information systems, web property, or data owned, operated, or controlled by DoD.

The bounty pool for this engagement is $110,000 total. $75,000 will be allocated for vulnerability submissions on a first-submitted, first-awarded basis until that pool of $75,000 is fully exhausted. $35,000 will be reserved for vulnerability awards.

Submissions received after the funds have been exhausted will be handled as normal submissions within DoD’s VDP, the agency said.

"Bounties will go faster than the fireworks, and only high and critical findings will be eligible for an award. Themed bonuses are available for the best findings in different areas of the DoD,"the Department added.

The highest bug bounty rewards that are offered are of $1,000, but the DoD is promising $5,000 for the best finding of the event.

The DoD also announced that the challenge is open to the global public and that even government employees may participate, while off-duty.

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