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Dell SecureWorks Launches Managed Endpoint Threat Detection

Dell SecureWorks has added a new managed service to its offerings, announcing on Tuesday that it now offers Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection (AETD) as the latest solution in its Advanced Threat Services portfolio.

Dell SecureWorks has added a new managed service to its offerings, announcing on Tuesday that it now offers Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection (AETD) as the latest solution in its Advanced Threat Services portfolio.

According to the company, its proprietary Endpoint Threat Intelligence technology and specialized signatures are used in combination with an endpoint threat detection platform from Carbon Black from Bit9 to deliver the service. 

As part of the managed service offering, clients’ endpoints are continuously monitored in real time for signs of malicious cyber activity, and if anything suspicious is discovered, Dell’s experts immediately analyze the findings in an effort to determine if an organization’s endpoints have been compromised, how they were compromised and how best to mitigate the threat.

“An integrated end-to-end approach to security is absolutely necessary in today’s cyber threat environment, but it must also be accompanied by expert skills and the right technical components to be successful,” said Christina Richmond, Program Director for IDC’s Infrastructure Security Services research practice. “Enterprises are focused on endpoint security, and they should be due to the countless breaches of late and the apparent ease at which criminals are able to pull off these cyber heists. Managed security services which help detect malicious activity on the network and the endpoint, before it can transpire into a full blown compromise, gives organizations a significant advantage over cyber attackers, and is invaluable in battling today’s cyber criminals.”

“Some of the most serious cyber breaches to date are a result of organizations having one or more of their endpoints compromised,” said Tyler Winkler, executive director of sales and marketing for Dell SecureWorks. “Cyber criminals continue to perfect their tactics and procedures, enabling them to avoid many of today’s cyber defenses. Therefore, it is critical that organizations employ comprehensive and robust network security, as well as ‘always on’ 24×7 Endpoint Security.”

“Today’s security leaders need to establish an evolved security posture; one that gives them the power to prevent, detect and respond to advanced threats in real time,” said Michael Viscuso, Bit9’s chief strategy officer and co-founder of Carbon Black. “By leveraging the Bit9 + Carbon Black endpoint sensor in its AETD solution, Dell SecureWorks is ensuring that its clients have continuous, real-time visibility into all activity on every endpoint and server. This will enable them to identify precisely how, where and when an attack started so they can help the client prevent it from happening again.”

Dell SecureWorks already offers Managed Advanced Malware Protection (MAMP) service, and a Targeted Threat Hunting service.

The new Endpoint Threat Detection service is currently available in North America and will be available in EMEA toward the end of Q2 2014, the company said.

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