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CORE Security Adds Password Cracking, Collaboration Features to CORE Impact Pro

Boston, Mass-based CORE Security, a provider of security intelligence solutions, this week launched the latest release of its vulnerability assessment and penetration testing suite, CORE Impact Pro 2013.

Boston, Mass-based CORE Security, a provider of security intelligence solutions, this week launched the latest release of its vulnerability assessment and penetration testing suite, CORE Impact Pro 2013.

Topping the list of new features is a password cracking service dubbed CloudCypher, a cloud-based service managed by CORE that works with Windows hashed passwords discovered by the tool during testing. CloudCypher attempts to determine plaintext passwords for those hashes, allowing any passwords discovered to be used for additional security testing.

CORE Security Logo“CloudCypher was originally developed by our internal pen-testing team to allow them to manage passwords more easily as part of a testing engagement,” said Milan Shah, senior vice president of Products and Engineering at CORE Security. “Adding this pen testers’ tool, used for nearly ten years of testing by the team, to our next version of Impact brings huge value to our user community.”

Another big addition to the latest version of CORE Impact Pro 2013 is the ability to team multiple security testers together to interact in the same workspace against the same target environment.

In addition to CloudCypher and Teaming, Impact 2013 offers a new “Network Remediation Validation Wizard”, a quick retest option used for previously identified network risks that confirms the risks have been fixed appropriately, the company explained.

Additionally, Impact 2013 adds the ability to communicate using the DNS protocol to agents deployed using a specific set of modules. “Agent Redeploy” is a new feature that allows Impact to verify whether a previously discovered vulnerability has been remediated.

CORE Impact can now display rich progress information as the automated penetration tests execute against target networks, allowing a user to track progress. Using this feature, the company says, Impact can demonstrate in a graphical manner, exactly what is being executed in real-time.

Finally, Impact 2013 brings new reporting capabilities for reporting on specific hosts needed, rather than having to run the report on all hosts within the workspace.

CORE Impact 2013 is supported by the company’s library of more than 2,800 commercial-grade exploits and other attack techniques. More information is available here.

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For more than 10 years, Mike Lennon has been closely monitoring the threat landscape and analyzing trends in the National Security and enterprise cybersecurity space. In his role at SecurityWeek, he oversees the editorial direction of the publication and is the Director of several leading security industry conferences around the world.

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