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Check Point Launches New Manged Security and Incident Response Services

Check Point Software Technologies introduced two managed security services as part of the new ThreatCloud Security Services offering to help organizations protect their networks from attacks.

Check Point Software Technologies introduced two managed security services as part of the new ThreatCloud Security Services offering to help organizations protect their networks from attacks.

The ThreatCloud services provides customers with access to experts 24/7 to help with real-time remediation while in the middle of an attack and to understand the kind of risks and threats facing the organization, Check Point said Wednesday. ThreatCloud Managed Security Service is a continuous monitoring service that monitors events on customer security gateways and correlates them with third-party data to identify potential risks and threats, Check Point said. ThreatCloud Incident Response helps customers while the attack is in progress to figure out what steps to take in order to secure the network.

ThreatCloud Managed Security Service analyzes all logs collected in the environment and tracks gateways and endpoints to give organizations visibility into what is happening on the network. The ThreatCloud team continuously monitors event feeds and logs on customer security gateways to make sense of the flood of data and to generate customer-specific guidance and actionable alerts, Check Point said. If an attack or suspicious activity gets flagged, the service sends the customer an actionable alert based on Check Point’s Threat Prevention Policies, Check Point said.

“With the increasing level of threat sophistication and greater frequency, it can be challenging for even the best equipped security teams to stay ahead of the curve,” said Dorit Dor, vice president of products at Check Point Software Technologies.

The Managed Security Service provides customers with security monitoring, visibility and compliance support. The service also provides recommendations on ideal configuration settings and fine-tunes policies for Check Point’sThreat Prevention Software Blades, including IPS, Anti-Bot and Antivirus.

With ThreatCloud Incident Response, organizations will be able to be up and running quickly after an incident. Check Point-certified security professionals recommend controls, offer practical remediation and implement security best practices.

It’s no surprise Check Point is adding managed services to its portfolio. The security services market is growing strong, although the rate of its growth has slowed from previous years, according to Gartner figures. Gartner analysts recently reported worldwide security services spending reached $35.1 billion last year, and is expected to hit $38.3 billion by the end of 2012. Gartner projected the market would exceed $49.1 billion in 2015.

The new ThreatCloud services provide customers with “critical security resources,” Dor said.

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