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Privacy & Compliance

France and the UK are calling for greater regulation of commercial surveillance software in the wake of recent Pegasus and Predator spyware scandals.


California state Legislature has passed the Delete Act to allow individuals to order data brokers to delete their personal data — and to cease...

California Settles With Google Over Location Privacy Practices for $93 Million


Search giant Google has agreed to a $93 million settlement with the state of California over its location-privacy practices.

Intel Capital Bets on Zenity for Low-Code/No-Code Security

Application Security

Israeli security startup Zenity banks $16.5 million in new venture capital funding to work on ‘low-code/no-code’ security technology.

Privacy & Compliance

Twitter has updated its privacy policies, which will allow for the collection of biometric data and employment history, among other information.

Artificial Intelligence

ChatGPT Enterprise is a corporate edition of ChatGPT that promises “enterprise-grade security” and a commitment not to use prompts and company data to train...