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Malware & Threats

Barracuda Networks is telling customers to immediately replace hacked ESG email security appliances regardless of the patches they installed.

Network Security

Zyxel urges customers to update ATP, USG Flex, VPN, and ZyWALL/USG firewalls to prevent exploitation of recent vulnerabilities.

Mikrotik Belatedly Patches RouterOS Flaw Exploited at Pwn2Own

Network Security

MikroTik patches a major security defect in its RouterOS product a full five months after it was exploited at Pwn2Own Toronto.

Network Security

With proactive steps to move toward Zero Trust, technology leaders can leverage an old, yet new, idea that must become the security norm.

Exploitation of BGP Implementation Vulnerabilities Can Lead to Disruptions

Network Security

Open source BGP implementation FRRouting is affected by three vulnerabilities that can be exploited to cause disruption via DoS attacks.

Endpoint Security

Out-of-control devices run the gamut from known to unknown and benign to malicious, and where you draw the line is unique to your organization.