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Cloud Security

AWS says an internal threat intel decoy system called MadPot has successfully trapped nation state-backed APTs like Volt Typhoon and Sandworm.


The US State Department said that hackers took around 60,000 emails in an attack which Microsoft has blamed on China.

Malware & Threats

The NSA and FBI warn that a Chinese state-sponsored APT called BlackTech is hacking into network edge devices and using firmware implants to silently...

Malware & Threats

Microsoft’s struggles with zero-day exploits rolled into a new month with a fresh Patch Tuesday warning about malware attacks in the wild.

Data Breaches

Adobe raises an alarm for new in-the-wild zero-day attacks hitting users of its widely deployed Adobe Acrobat and Reader product.


One organization is hoping to transform the anniversary of 9/11 into a day of doing good.