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Artificial Intelligence

FBI Director Christopher Wray says advances in generative AI make it easier for election interference and meddling easier than before.


The US has charged an Iranian company’s employee over cyberattacks on State and Treasury Departments and defense contractors.

IoT Security

Government probe could lead to new regulations aimed at preventing China from using sophisticated technology in connected vehicles to track drivers and their personal...

Iranian Hackers Target Aviation and Defense Sectors in Middle East


An Iranian threat actor tracked as UNC1549 is abusing Azure infrastructure in attacks targeting organizations in the Middle East.

US Government Urges Cleanup of Routers Infected by Russia’s APT28

Malware & Threats

The US government says Russia’s APT28 group compromised Ubiquiti EdgeRouters to run cyberespionage operations worldwide.

Chinese Cyberspies Use New Malware in Ivanti VPN Attacks

Malware & Threats

Chinese threat actors target Ivanti VPN appliances with new malware designed to persist system upgrades.