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Email Security

BEC scammers use residential IP addresses in attacks to make them seem locally generated and evade detection.

Fraud & Identity Theft

Google is now letting Gmail users in the US run scans to learn whether their Gmail ID appears on the dark web.

Fraud & Identity Theft

Token has raised a total of $53 million to work on a biometrics-powered wearable device featuring multi-factor authentication technologies.

Strivacity Scores $20M for CIAM Expansion Plans

Fraud & Identity Theft

Strivacity, a Virginia startup working on technology to simplify and secure customer logins, has attracted $20 million in funding to fuel global expansion plans.


While there are likely many different approaches, here are a few points that are important for enterprises to consider when evaluating bot solutions.

Nigerian BEC Scammer Sentenced to Prison in US


Solomon Ekunke Okpe was sentenced to four years in prison in the US for his role in a BEC fraud ring.