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Fraud & Identity Theft

Interpol arrests 300 people in a global crackdown on West African crime groups specializing in online financial fraud.

Fraud & Identity Theft

A threat actor tracked as CrystalRay has hit 1,500 victims since February, stealing credentials and deploying backdoors.

Landmark Admin Discloses Data Breach Impacting Personal, Medical Information

Data Breaches

Life insurance company Landmark Admin says personal, medical, and insurance information was compromised in a May data breach.

Nigerian Faces Prison in US After BEC Fraud Conviction


Nigerian national Ebuka Raphael Umeti was convicted in the US for operating a business email compromise (BEC) scheme.

US Authorities Attempting to Recover $5.3 Million Stolen in BEC Scam 


The US government is trying to recover more than $5.3 million stolen by cybercriminals through a BEC scheme from a workers union.

Using AI, Mastercard Expects to Find Compromised Cards Quicker, Before They Get Used by Criminals


Mastercard is integrating AI into its fraud-prediction technology that it expects will be able to see patterns in stolen cards faster and allow banks...