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Application Security

Security researchers at Microsoft are flagging ransomware attacks on Apple’s flagship macOS operating system, warning that financially motivated cybercriminals are abusing legitimate macOS functionalities...

Application Security

Password management firm LastPass says the hackers behind an August data breach stole a massive stash of customer data, including password vault data that...

Cyberattack on Top Indian Hospital Highlights Security Risk


The leading hospital in India’s capital limped back to normalcy on Wednesday after a cyberattack crippled its operations for nearly two weeks.

One Year Later: Log4Shell Remediation Slow, Painful Slog

Application Security

Almost exactly a year after the Log4Shell security crisis sent defenders scrambling to reduce attack surfaces, new data shows that remediation has been a...

Proofpoint:  Watch Out for Nighthawk Hacking Tool Abuse

Application Security

Security researchers at Proofpoint are calling attention to the discovery of a commercial red-teaming tool called Nighthawk, warning that the command-and-control framework is likely...

US Gov Warning: Start Hunting for Iranian APTs That Exploited Log4j

Application Security

The U.S. government on Wednesday issued a blunt recommendation for organizations running VMWare Horizon servers: Initiate threat-hunting activities to find and expel Iranian APT...