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Data Protection

Quantum computers are coming, and will defeat current PKE encryption. But this cryptopocalypse is not dependent upon quantum computers — it could happen through...

Data Protection

European security vendor Avast is charged with harvesting consumer web browsing data through its browser extension and anti-virus software and “and sold it without...

Data Protection

Apple unveils PQ3, a new post-quantum cryptographic protocol for iMessage designed to protect communications against quantum computing attacks.

French Healthcare Payments Processor Breaches Affect Half of Population

Data Breaches

France’s data protection agency CNIL says it is investigating massive data breaches at two companies that manage third-party healthcare payments, warning that more than...

Cohesity to Buy Veritas’ Data Protection Businesses

Data Protection

Data security firm Cohesity will buy Veritas’ data protection business, creating a data security and management giant valued at roughly $7 billion.

Netherlands Fines Uber Over Data Protection


Dutch regulators impose a 10 million euro ($10.8 million) fine on ride-hailing app Uber for lack of transparency in treating the personal data of...