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BlackBerry Adds Cryptojacking Protection to Optics Security Product

BlackBerry announced on Wednesday that the latest release of its Optics endpoint security product now includes a feature designed to protect Intel-based PCs against cryptomining malware.

Many cybercriminals try to make a profit by installing cryptocurrency mining malware on compromised systems. These cryptojacking attacks often target enterprise networks as it allows hackers to easily deploy their malware on multiple devices.

BlackBerry says it has been working with Intel to prevent these types of attacks. As a result of the collaboration between the two companies, version 2.5.1100 of BlackBerry’s Optics product uses a Context Analysis Engine (CAE) that leverages CPU data from Intel’s Threat Detection Technology (TDT) to detect and block cryptojacking attempts.BlackBerry Optics now includes protection against cryptomining malware

The company says the new feature, which works on commercial PCs with Intel processors and Windows 10, is easy to configure and it does not have a negative impact on performance.

“Given the cost associated with mining cryptocurrency and the payments of ransomware demands on the decline, cryptojacking becomes an attractive option for threat actors to generate revenue,” said Josh Lemos, VP of Research & Intelligence at BlackBerry.

“With our new cryptojacking detection and response capabilities, we’re looking to make this practice a thing of the past, providing enterprises and their employees with a turn-key solution that will enable them to thwart cryptojacking attempts and ensure their software and hardware are used for their intended purposes. The days of exploiting unsuspecting users for free CPU time are over,” he added.

BlackBerry Optics is an AI-driven endpoint security product that includes prevention, detection and response capabilities. Optics is powered by technology obtained by BlackBerry as a result of its acquisition of endpoint security company Cylance.

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