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Belarusian Nationals Arrested for Hacking ATMs Across Europe

Two Belarusian nationals were arrested earlier this month in Poland on the suspicion they engaged in multiple ATM jackpotting attacks.

The two are believed to have committed dozens of ATM jackpotting attacks (also known as Black Box attacks) in several European countries, stealing an estimated €230,000 (approximately $273,000) in cash.

As part of the attacks, the individuals would drill holes or melt parts of the ATMs in order to gain physical access to the inner electronic devices. Then, they would physically connect a laptop to the machine and send commands to instruct it to spew out all its cash.

According to Europol, the criminals always targeted the same brand and model of ATM.

The European Union's law enforcement agency says the arrests were made as part of an investigation in which law enforcement agencies in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and Switzerland were involved.

The ATM manufacturer targeted by the two was also involved in the investigation.

Polish authorities arrested the two individuals in Warsaw on July 17, Europol announced this week.

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