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Barracuda Adds Incident Response to Email Security Offering

Barracuda Networks this week announced automated incident response capabilities are now available for customers using its Total Email Protection solution. 

Barracuda Networks this week announced automated incident response capabilities are now available for customers using its Total Email Protection solution. 

With the help of automated incident response, administrators can find, investigate, and remediate malicious emails delivered to inboxes faster. Barracuda’s new Forensics and Incident Response feature aims at providing organizations with such capabilities, bringing to them a series of remediation options that could help them address issues faster and more efficiently.

The company’s Total Email Protection already provides capabilities such as email-filtering, spam blocking, encryption, archiving, and backup; protection from spear phishing attacks and account takeover; and a spear phishing simulation platform to train employees on identifying suspicious emails.

The newly introduced functionality should help administrators quickly respond to incidents where social engineering tactics or stolen credentials are used to compromise their networks. 

Forensics and Incident Response allows admins to investigate attacks reported by users, identify all users who clicked on a malicious link or opened a malicious attachment, remove the nefarious emails from inboxes, and even send alerts to impacted users. 

Aiming to reduce both impact and cost of an incident, the solution automates the operations involved in an attack response and remediation process.

Discovery and threat functionality was also included, to help apply a proactive protection by identifying anomalies in emails already in user inboxes, based on insights gathered from analysis of delivered emails. 

“Today when security teams learn about email-borne attacks, for most companies, security incident response is a time-consuming, manual process that can take hours or days to identify and remediate, which can often lead to further spread of an attack. Forensics and Incident Response addresses these problems,” Asaf Cidon, VP of Content Security, Barracuda, said. 

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Ionut Arghire is an international correspondent for SecurityWeek.

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