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BAE Releases New Cybersecurity System for F-16 Fighter Aircraft

Defense giant BAE Systems has unveiled Viper Memory Loader Verifier II (MLV II), a system whose role is to protect F-16 fighter aircraft against potential cyberattacks.

MLV II is the second version of a maintenance capability that should “reduce vulnerability to cyberattacks for F-16 aircraft”.

F-16 aircraft cybersecurity systemThe system is used to load and verify software onto the fighter jet, ensuring that malicious software or files cannot get on the aircraft.

The system supports mission data files, flight and fault data, and third-party software. It supports over 100 F-16 onboard systems, including flight- and mission-critical components such as radar, engine control, navigation, communications, crash data recorders, and electronic warfare, mission and flight control.

“This new version of the product will include cyber-hardened aircraft mission capabilities, with an open system architecture that reduces lifecycle costs,” said Carl Huncharek, F-16 product line director for BAE Systems.

The company says MLV II, which is made in Fort Worth, Texas, is fully compatible with the F-16 fleet and it will be used on all new deployments, while existing equipment will also continue to be supported.

BAE says the cybersecurity system has been tested by the US and more than two dozen of its allies.

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