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Auth0 Finds No Breach Following Source Code Compromise

Okta-owned Auth0 this week announced that it has not identified an intrusion into its environment after a third-party said they were in the possession of older source code repositories.

In late August, after Okta was informed by an individual that they possessed copies of certain Auth0 code repositories dating from October 2020 and earlier, the company launched an investigation that did not reveal a potential data breach.

The investigation, the company says, “confirmed that there was no evidence of unauthorized access to our environments, or those of our customers, nor any evidence of any data exfiltration or persistent access”.

Auth0 notes that it also decided to retain a cybersecurity forensics firm to investigate the claim, and that both investigations have arrived at the same conclusion.

Furthermore, the company says that it has taken the necessary precautions to ensure that the exposed code cannot be used to access its network or any customer environments.

“Our investigation has not revealed any customer impact from this event, and no action is required by our customers. Additionally, we confirm that the Auth0 service remains fully operational and secure,” the company says.

It has not shared any information on how the source code may have been obtained.

Auth0 offers an authentication and authorization platform that provides organizations with various customization and monitoring options, and with support for multi-factor authentication.

In May 2021, Okta completed a $6.5 billion acquisition of Auth0, which continues to operate as an independent business unit.

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