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Arbor Networks Updates Infrastructure Security Platform

Latest Version of Peakflow SP Boosts Mitigation Capacity and Offers CDN-Aware Mitigation

Arbor Networks, a Burlington, Massachusetts-based provider of network security and management solutions, today launched the latest version of Peakflow SP, the company’s infrastructure security and traffic-monitoring platform designed for service, hosting and cloud providers.

Arbor’s Peakflow SP platform helps customers defend against threats such as botnets and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and combines anomaly detection and traffic engineering with the Peakflow SP Threat Management System (TMS), which automatically detects and removes malicious traffic.

Arbor NetworksNew Features in Peakflow SP 5.8 include:

Updated Application Processor Module (APM) Card for the TMS 4000: The Peakflow SP solution now includes a new APM-E card. Replacing the APM-10, the APM-E is the packet processing blade on the TMS that examines and selectively blocks attack traffic. A single TMS-4000 chassis can be populated with up to four APE-10 or APM-E modules, enabling a total of 40 Gbps of attack mitigation capacity.

CDN and Proxy Aware Mitigation: The new version of Peakflow SP includes the ability to identify and stop attacks that come via a proxy such as a CDN server without interrupting legitimate business traffic from that source. When content or services are under attack, it can appear that the attack source is a CDN server and not the true attacker, Arbor explained.

BGP Flowspec Offramp to TMS: The BGP Flowspec offramp now enables a broader set of diversion criteria based on source and/or destination IP, port and protocol. This feature enables traffic diversion into an MPLS backbone and allows reinjection without the need for GRE tunneling, making DDoS attack mitigation easier for service providers and data center operators.

Profiled Interface Alerts: Peakflow SP can monitor network interfaces and generate alerts when traffic through an interface goes above or below defined thresholds; this alerting capability was previously limited to networks and IP addresses. This new feature enables Peakflow to monitor interfaces on B-RAS devices and alert operators to service impacting events that can affect customer satisfaction and result in expensive help desk calls.

User Account Scale Increase: Up to 1,000 customers can now be provisioned for monitoring, alerting, reporting and mitigation in a single Peakflow SP deployment.

“Today, Peakflow SP addresses security issues like DDoS, operational issues such as service quality and network performance and even serves as a platform for revenue generation as a feature of managed security services, which are increasingly in demand by enterprises looking for an added layer of security protection," said Arbor Networks President Colin Doherty in a statement.

More information on Peakflow SP is available online.

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