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RSA has unveiled a new identity and access management solution. RSA Via includes solutions for authentication, identity and access management, and identity governance.
DevOps comes to the forefront at the RSA conference in San Francisco.
IBM brings QRadar-powered log management and security intelligence services to the cloud.
New ThreatStream OPTIC Apple Watch app allows security teams to manage threat intelligence on the go.
CipherCloud launches Cloud Discovery Enterprise Edition. The solution provides visibility, risk scoring, and intelligence across cloud applications.
The growth of the Internet of Things and the security challenges it poses are among the security topics being discussed at the RSA Conference.
Qualys updates Web Application Firewall to version 2.0. WAF 2.0 includes virtual patching and event response capabilities.
Cryptzone launches AppGate Secure Access, a gateway solution that provides a secure tunnel between users and apps to prevent unauthorized access.
HP has teamed up with various security firms in an effort to enhance and expand its security portfolio. New offerings have been announced for cloud, mobile, threat detection and response, and intelligence sharing.
ThreatMetrix unveils Digital Identity Network, an identity protection solution based on device and behavior profiles created through the analysis of 1 billion transactions per month.

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Scott Gainey's picture
As security professionals, we need to approach shadow IT with a pragmatic view – how can we better support the business’ needs while keeping risk in check.
Jason Polancich's picture
In reality, the beauty of threat intelligence is much more than skin deep. Open source data is just a small part of the threat intelligence picture.
Marc Solomon's picture
To reduce time to detection and time to resolution, threat intelligence must be tactical, contextual, automated, and easily shared.
Travis Greene's picture
The recent development of the democratization of Machine Learning is an indication that it’s time to consider adding it to our security arsenal, as it offers an opportunity to more dynamically measure risk.
Rafal Los's picture
As a potential buyer and consumer of security solutions, how do you know what technologies, products and services will address your needs?
David Holmes's picture
Will containers replace traditional operating system virtualization in the same way that virtualization has replaced much of the physical, bare-metal world? And how secure are containers, anyway?
Pat Calhoun's picture
While individual products and technologies are important weapons, they operate in a silo and lose sight of the bigger picture. The reality is that you can’t just rely on a single defense or a silver bullet.
Rafal Los's picture
Enterprises that don’t operationalize configuration and asset management are doomed to repeat the cycle of lost productivity, frustration and panic.
Jason Polancich's picture
We seem to be at a watershed moment in both the cybersecurity market and with our business cyber defense circumstances.
Marc Solomon's picture
Just as they’ve embraced other technology innovations to advance their businesses, midsized organizations need a new approach to cybersecurity that mitigates risk to valuable digital assets.