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FireHost, the Dallas-based cloud-hosting provider that has made security the focus of its business, announced on Monday that is has as Armor.
Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, the researchers who recently demonstrated that Fiat Chrysler cars can be hacked remotely, hired by Uber.
1% of employees are responsible for 75% of cloud security risk in an organization, according to CloudLock
Court rules that the FTC can sue companies that fail to protect their customers’ data. Wyndham is disappointed by the verdict.
Web browser vendors are limiting Flash content so Amazon has decided not to accept Flash ads for starting with September 1.
WordPress 4.3 Billie has been released. The latest version introduces new features and enhanced password security.
Palo Alto Networks unveiled its powerful PA-7000 family of next-generation firewalls, described as powerful and scalable devices suited for operation in service provider, large enterprise, and Internet gateway environments.
AlienVault has closed an impressive $52 million Series E funding round, bringing the total raised by the company to nearly $116 million.
Malicious actors are abusing the Portmapper service to amplify their DDoS attacks, Level 3 has warned.
Dropbox customers can now use USB security keys for two-factor authentication (2FA).

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Jason Polancich's picture
it seems most just don’t see that cyber intelligence needs to become a prioritized, resourced part of what they’re already doing.
Travis Greene's picture
In the case of Hilary Clinton's personal email server, we know that Top Secret information was transmitted over a network that likely wasn’t equipped to safeguard it. If her server was a target of foreign state actors, the implications are frightening.
Mark Hatton's picture
The country has become obsessed with a couple of pounds per square inch (PSI) in a football, yet seems to have no issue ignoring simple steps that could greatly improve our overall cyber security.
Wade Williamson's picture
In security circles, 2014 was known colloquially as “the year of the breach.” However, 2015 almost doubled the 2014 tally of breached records, and has done so in the first eight months.
Marc Solomon's picture
How do we handle the responsibility that cloud computing brings? It’s a responsibility that must be shared among vendors, users, business leaders, and IT security professionals and involves three key aspects.
Alan Cohen's picture
If vaults deep within the building protect banks from bank robbers, why do so many security professionals focus so much attention on their data center’s front door?
Jason Polancich's picture
While most businesses feel they should be pursuing more robust cyber intelligence functions, most aren’t actually doing anything about it at all.
Travis Greene's picture
As much fun as it is to wake up to patches waiting to be unwrapped, we don’t want the regret of “exploit Wednesday”, which is far more embarrassing than becoming a victim of a zero-day exploit.
Marc Solomon's picture
Accepting the reality that some attacks will get through, security effectiveness must be measured by how quickly we detect a compromise and stop the exploitation of that attack.
Alan Cohen's picture
Many CISOs say that action they undertake in their first six months on the job is to determine the most valuable and most at-risk actions and take steps to mitigate the risk. How can they take those steps while also addressing the catch-22?