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A Linux Trojan (PNScan) that emerged more than a year ago is once again actively targeting routers in an attempt to install backdoors on them. [Read More]
The Cisco ASA exploit leaked by Shadow Brokers has been adapted to work on newer versions of the software [Read More]
Epic Games has shut down its forums after hackers gained access to information associated with over 800,000 accounts [Read More]
Researchers with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have demonstrated a new method of successfully bypassing modern face authentication systems. [Read More]
A critical security vulnerability that has been around for 18 years has been patched in GnuPG and Libgcrypt [Read More]
Cybercriminals are using virtual machines (VMs) to hide their nefarious activity on compromised systems. [Read More]
Threat intelligence platform provider ThreatQuotient has secured $12 million in Series B funding Led by investment firm New Enterprise Associates (NEA). [Read More]
Security researchers at IOActive have discovered multiple security vulnerabilities in the BHU Wi-Fi “uRouter,” a device that is manufactured and sold in China. [Read More]
Cisco patches several vulnerabilities in Firepower management appliance, including two critical issues [Read More]
Cisco, Fortinet and WatchGuard have analyzed the exploits leaked from an NSA-linked hacking group. Cisco has found a zero-day vulnerability [Read More]

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Eddie Garcia's picture
This article explains how to encrypt data in a Hadoop cluster. The tools are available, and if you are brave enough, you could attempt this at home.
Erin O’Malley's picture
To understand SIEM, it’s important to first understand when people started to care about network security. And to do that, we need to take a step back in time.
Jennifer Blatnik's picture
Listen to your coach. Similar to the Olympics, a CSO or CISO needs to be able to lead their team and consider the impact they will have on the broader organization.
Nathaniel Gleicher's picture
Cybersecurity defenders face a similar problem to the Secret Service: they are defending high-value assets that must be protected, but also have to speak to hundreds or thousands of other servers.
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Organizations should fear security concerns when considering moving applications to the cloud. But they need to recognize that moving web applications to the cloud does not make them secure.
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A common misconception about native HDFS encryption is the belief that the data is encrypted when written to disk on the data nodes like most disk encryption solutions.
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As a defender, your mission is to reduce the impact of cyber threats to your organization. A good day means that the organization was not impacted by a cyber event.
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While using containers to secure your organization is a relatively novel approach, it can lead to cost savings and massive scalability.
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Once you have an understanding of where your security risks are, you can make better choices about what types and what sources of threat intelligence are most applicable.
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While consuming, consolidating, and correlating information provides obvious benefits, always keep in mind how you and your organization can also contribute back to these information feeds.