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BlackBerry CSO David Kleidermacher discusses enterprise mobility management and mobile security. [Read More]
Researcher demonstrates that an iPhone passcode recovery method involving hardware hacking works, contrary to what the FBI said in the San Bernardino case [Read More]
Google is prepared to pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars in a new Android hacking contest that takes place over the next six months [Read More]
Apple has patched several vulnerabilities with the release of iOS 10, Xcode 8 and watchOS 3 [Read More]
Google has re-architected the Mediaserver component in Android 7.0 Nougat and included other security enhancements in the new platform release. [Read More]
Two malicious Android programs recently discovered on Google Play may have been downloaded by up to 2.5 million users. [Read More]
A new variant of the Gugi mobile banking Trojan can bypass two of the security features that Google has included in Android 6.0, Kaspersky security researchers say. [Read More]
Google has released Android security patches meant to resolve numerous Critical bugs in the mobile platform, including the recently revealed QuadRooter flaws. [Read More]
Apple this week released security updates for Mac OS X and Safari to patch zero-day vulnerabilities that were recently revealed to have been used to spy on individuals via iOS devices. [Read More]
Smartphone malware infections increased by 96% over the year to April 2016. In addition to an increase in mobile malware volume -- there has also been a step up in malware sophistication. [Read More]

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Adam Ely's picture
In this day of BYOD devices and zero-trust operating environments, IT and security professionals gain nothing from trying to manage the unmanageable—which is just as well, because the device is no longer the endpoint that matters.
Simon Crosby's picture
While flexibility offers countless benefits for corporations and their employees, this new emphasis on mobility has also introduced a new set of risks, and this in turn re-ignites a focus on endpoint security.
Adam Ely's picture
Applying a zero trust model to mobile and the right security controls at the app level could align productivity and security. But the bottom line is that it’s no longer about the device; it’s about the applications.
Adam Ely's picture
The increase in mobile security conversations shows that teams are still trying to figure out their strategy and how to address this new landscape of vulnerabilities.
David Holmes's picture
DDoS continues to wax and wane in unpredictable cycles, but the ecosystem has evolved to keep it out of the mobile space.
Adam Ely's picture
The mobile strategist will play a pivotal role in mobile integration, as they pave the way for the organizations to do so purposefully and securely.
David Holmes's picture
After the rounds of predictions for 2014, I had bet my colleague that if no mobile DDoS appeared this year, we’d stop talking about it. And it looks like we can.
Adam Ely's picture
While mobile security remains at the top of every CISO’s priority list this year, enterprises have quickly begun to realize that mobile device management (MDM) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) are not enough to keep data safe.
Adam Ely's picture
From what to support to how to ensure the security of mobile apps and data, enterprises are banging their heads against the wall to find a solution to secure mobile.
Adam Ely's picture
We can attempt to predict the future, but without proper security measures in place, data breaches are bound to happen. Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of if a breach will occur, but when.