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Cicis informed customers that cybercriminals may have stolen data from payment cards used at nearly 140 restaurants [Read More]
Recent updates to Petya ransomware no longer allow for easy data recovery, researchers warn. [Read More]
Cybercriminals breached the official Ammyy website and abused it to deliver the Lurk banking Trojan and other malware [Read More]
Researchers have investigated the extent to which five different and currently active ransomware groups will promote user trust to bolster the business mode. [Read More]
CryptXXX, one of the most prevalent ransomware variants out there, is now leveraging spam emails for distribution, researchers at Proofpoint warn. [Read More]
Researchers have found a fake lockscreen app in Google Play under the name of Pokemon Go Ultimate. [Read More]
Nearly one million Android users have fallen victims to eight fake applications that falsely claimed to help them gain more followers on social networks, but instead stole their information and money. [Read More]
Symantec researchers have discovered a Trojan that prevents users from making outgoing calls to banks from their smartphones. [Read More]
Previously, blocking C&C connections could keep Locky from encrypting files on a system, but the ransomware is now able to encrypt files without connecting to a command and control server. [Read More]
A lifetime license to use the Stampado ransomware in attacks costs $39 on the Dark Web. [Read More]


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It's important to look at your environment through the eyes of an attacker to detect the threats and vulnerabilities relevant to your organization.
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Cyber situational awareness can give you greater insights into the tools and processes used by actors that employ DDoS-based extortion and compromised data release extortion.
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It’s hard keeping criminals from infiltrating networks, much less worrying that users will simply open the door to bad guys by letting their guard down.
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Cyber situational awareness can provide insights into the people, processes and technology your adversaries use and turn those into an advantage.
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A cyber espionage attack against Swiss defense firm RUAG was carried out by the Russia-linked hackers according to a report commissioned by the Swiss government.
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Behavioral detection models can focus in on what the attacker actually does, instead of relying on a set of signatures or known indicators of compromise that often lag behind attackers.
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Thomas Rid, Professor in the Department of War Studies at King’s College London, joins the podcast to discuss the lack of nuance in the crypto debate and the future of global cyber conflict.
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Typical lockdown or encryption of a system happens within a minute or two of the ransomware’s execution. At that point, there are only two choices left: pay or start cleaning up.
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What do enterprises need to know about ransomware attacks and what can they do to minimize the risk of being victimized?
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While most of us aren’t asking for it, chances are high that we, too, have been—or will become—victims of a cyber attack.