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European, US and Australian law enforcement officials met in the Netherlands to plan a crackdown on illegal online markets trading in everything from drugs to child pornography.
Pearson VUE says attackers used a piece of malware to access user data from its PCM certification management system
Man and woman suspected of operating and Cryptex Reborn malware services arrested by UK authorities.
Belgium announced that it will become a sponsoring nation for the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence.
Encryption can be a terrorist's tool. But it's also a key for those hunting attackers, and for many others.
Starwood Hotels, which operates well-known hotel brands such as Westin, Sheraton, W Hotels and Le Méridien, said Friday that hackers had infected point of sale payment systems in some of its locations in North America.
Climate planning website of the World Bank breached by phishers and other hackers. Its EV certificate has been revoked as a result.
Tools and techniques used in attacks aimed at European firms suggest that the DarkSeoul group is back
Britain's GCHQ intelligence agency said it had spray-painted job adverts on London streets popular with hipsters to woo more employees with cyber skills.
Messaging app Telegram says it has blocked 78 accounts associated with the jihadist Islamic State group following the attacks in Paris.


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While data breaches aren’t going away anytime soon, every company has a choice of how they prepare for them. By focusing on the endpoint, businesses can better secure themselves with less cost and less time expended by the IT team.
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Adversaries can exploit digital shadows to reveal weak points in an organization and launch targeted attacks, but some digital shadows can prove advantageous to your organization; the digital shadows of your attackers.
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Doxing can support much more sophisticated and impactful threats, much bigger targeting campaigns.
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Organizations are asking the question – how much do I really need to spend on security in order to tip the scales in my favor? In order to answer that question you must first quantify the impact and risk of a cyber attack.
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Given the continuous innovation by attackers, it’s likely that your malware analysis needs have exceeded the capabilities of traditional sandboxing technologies.
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Cybercrime-as-a-Service is increasing the sophistication and frequency of attacks to the point where they seem to be pervasive. When evaluating your approach to security in light of this increasingly popular approach to attacks, seek out solutions that are equally pervasive.
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As long as companies continue to pay ransoms when attacked, we should expect cyber extortion to continue in 2015.
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By building security controls that identify and correlate the malicious behaviors of an attack, we can begin to the tip the scales back in our favor.
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Like most modern malware, Carbanak is not some autonomous bit of code running on its own, but rather a vehicle for a remote human attacker to watch, learn and remotely drive the attack.
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Many fraudulent accounts are mere satire or innocuous trolling, but others are created with far more devious intentions.