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Noteworthy stories that might have slipped under the radar: FBI is targeting Scattered Spider, Australia’s MediSecure hacked, new Wi-Fi attack.


The hacking forum BreachForums is displaying a notice claiming that the website is under the control of the FBI.

Criminal Use of AI Growing, But Lags Behind Defenders

Artificial Intelligence

When not scamming other criminals, criminals are concentrating on the use of mainstream AI products rather than developing their own AI systems.


Zscaler says its customer, production and corporate environments are not impacted after a notorious hacker offers to sell access.

Germany Recalls Its Ambassador in Russia for a Week in Protest Over a Hacker Attack


Germany recalled its ambassador to Russia for a week of consultations in Berlin following an alleged hacker attack on Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s party.

French Cyberwarriors Ready to Test Their Defense Against Hackers and Malware During the Olympics


Vincent Strubel, who heads France’s national cybersecurity agency, called the cyberthreats level facing the Olympic Games unprecedented.