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The House of Representatives passed three cyber-security bills this week designed to bolster efforts to guard critical infrastructure companies against attacks.
Open Whisper Systems announced the availability of Signal, an iPhone application that lets users make encrypted voice calls worldwide for free.
The Tor Project has detected an attack which appeared to be an attempt to deanonymize users of the popular anonymity network.
A new report examines the impact on the Internet itself and the ways in which the NSA has both weakened overall trust in the network and directly harmed the security of the Internet.
Accuvant has hired former Coca-Cola CISO Renee Guttmann as a vice president in the Accuvant Office of the CISO.
Qualys, a provider of cloud-based security and compliance solutions, announced enhancements to its cloud service Qualys Continuous Monitoring (CM) solution this week.
Canada accused China on Tuesday of hacking into the computers of its research and development arm, which Beijing strongly denied.
BlackBerry announced the acquisition of German voice and data encryption and anti-eavesdropping firm Secusmart
Researchers say they have developed a password protection scheme that raises the level of difficulty for hackers trying to steal password information
A new "Internet of Things Security: State of the Union" study published by HP on Tuesday reveals that 70% of the most popular Internet of Things (IoT) devices contain serious vulnerabilities.

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Travis Greene's picture
There is pressure for IT to deliver access to information from anywhere, on any device, without security hassles. Yet complaints about security hassles cannot dictate excessive risk exposure.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
I am often asked the question: “Is security an unsolvable problem?” In order for me to answer that question, I would have to understand it, and I don’t.
Danelle Au's picture
Enterprises can gain tremendous competitive advantages by having IT focus on the things that matter – users and information rather than infrastructure maintenance and building.
Jon-Louis Heimerl's picture
Cybercrime “case studies” are always impersonal, right? Would you get more out of specific stories of individuals caught in the cross hairs instead of corporate entities?
Pat Calhoun's picture
The need for extreme network protection may be the driving force behind your decision to invest in a next-generation firewall (NGFW), but your enterprise also has other factors to consider.
Torsten George's picture
When an organization is solely focused on strengthening its compliance posture to pass an audit, they primarily look at control failures and gaps and try to mitigate them.
Mark Hatton's picture
You need to identify your security shortcomings before someone else does. Simulate attacks and tests to associate known vulnerabilities, previous attack patterns, and security/network data to identify potential attack paths to your company’s most important data.
Marc Solomon's picture
To help cybersecurity professionals cut through the hype and gain a better understanding of what to expect as the Internet of Everything continues to evolve, these top 10 observations might help.
Adam Ely's picture
Yesterday’s device management approach does not work in a BYOD world. The end users are bringing their own devices, so we need to adjust to accommodate this new world order.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
An organization that keeps records of its security incidents should be able to study that data to understand the top ways in which it is generally becoming compromised.