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“Marcher” banking Trojan samples analyzed by PhishLabs target 66 organizations, but not in the United States [Read More]
Researchers demonstrate that malware can steal data from air-gapped computers using fans [Read More]
Following weeks of relative silence, the Locky ransomware appears ready to storm unprotected computers once again, with a new infection campaign observed the same day that the Necurs botnet became active again. [Read More]
Microsoft Azure Information Protection it combines the Azure Rights Management System (RMS) with the data classification and labeling technology acquired with the purchase of Secure Islands in November 2015. [Read More]
Researchers discovered a botnet of 3 million Twitter accounts that were all created on the same day two years ago, but which are still active today. [Read More]
Researchers found several flaws in Uber services that could have been exploited to obtain promo codes and information on drivers and passengers [Read More]
Mobile advertising network InMobi will pay nearly $1 million after it was charged by the FTC for tracking users’ locations [Read More]
Advantech releases update for its WebAccess HMI/SCADA software to address two medium severity flaws [Read More]
GozNym, currently the fifth most aggressive banking Trojan, has been spotted targeting four of the largest banks in the United States [Read More]
The US military is wary of cutting Internet connections to Islamic State strongholds such as Raqa in Syria, even though the Pentagon is waging cyber-war against the jihadists, officials said. [Read More]

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Adam Meyer's picture
Each area of threat intelligence has a different scope of mission, which by default would require a different set of tools and analyst background.
Alastair Paterson's picture
Cyber situational awareness can give you greater insights into the tools and processes used by actors that employ DDoS-based extortion and compromised data release extortion.
Torsten George's picture
Google Dorking can be used to identify vulnerable systems and trace them to a specific place on the Internet.
Ashley Arbuckle's picture
Regardless of what industry you’re in, your ability to successfully compete in the digital economy requires the ability to securely innovate.
Danelle Au's picture
If your security program is focused on reacting to news of the last data breach, you’ve all but ensured that you’ll fall victim to the next data breach.
Emily Ratliff's picture
The Assimilation Project performs service discovery and inventory of your systems in great detail and stores the resulting data so that it can be queried.
Simon Crosby's picture
It’s hard keeping criminals from infiltrating networks, much less worrying that users will simply open the door to bad guys by letting their guard down.
Jim Ivers's picture
Hackers are human. Hopefully that doesn’t surprise you too much. Being human means that they are subject to human tendencies, like taking the path of least resistance.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
The trust between those who run the security organization, and the analysts, incident responders, engineers, and others who do the work on a daily basis is extremely important.
Travis Greene's picture
Like all security measures, MFA is not an instant fix to safeguard credentials. But, understanding the risks of MFA limitations is the first step towards mitigation.