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App stores in China must now register with the state, a government statement said, as China tightens its control over the internet. [Read More]
Cure53 audited the Dovecot email server via the Mozilla SOS program and found only three minor security issues [Read More]
Unpatched vulnerabilities in the McDonald’s website expose user passwords to phishing attacks [Read More]
Google recently shared details on the security infrastructure that protects its data centers that house both its existing services and its growing Google Cloud Platform (GCP). [Read More]
The newly released CryptoSearch tool allows users to find exactly what files were encrypted, and optionally move them to another location before cleaning or formatting a system. [Read More]
Carlo Gavazzi releases firmware updates for its VMU-C energy monitoring products to address critical vulnerabilities [Read More]
Some third-party applications unnecessarily store keys or secrets that could be abused to leak a variety of user credentials and other type of sensitive data, software security startup Fallible warns. [Read More]
According to a new report analyzing 10 million passwords, the top 25 most popular passwords are used to secure over 50% of online accounts. [Read More]
A Russian state-controlled broadcaster on Monday blamed hackers for the embarrassing leak online of the final episode of the BBC drama Sherlock a day before it was due to air. [Read More]
The infamous DroidJack RAT has been found masquerading as the unreleased Super Mario Run game for Android. [Read More]

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Josh Lefkowitz's picture
Not adhering to responsible disclosure has the potential to amplify the threats posed by certain vulnerabilities and incidents.
Ashley Arbuckle's picture
The healthcare industry has a lot to gain by digital transformation. However it also has a lot to lose if it doesn’t start with security as a foundation.
Marc Solomon's picture
Analysts must work together and across the organization to provide the right intelligence in the right format and with the right frequency so that it can be used by multiple teams.
Lance Cottrell's picture
When properly integrated, detection, response, and prevention reinforce each other, each making the other more effective.
Travis Greene's picture
Whether US government officials improve their handling of classified information in the new administration or not, industry can certainty learn from the blunders and reduce risks.
Torsten George's picture
While machine learning can help reduce time-to-remediation, will it ever be able to autonomously protect organizations against cyber-attacks?
Avi Chesla's picture
Our cybersecurity ecosystem needs to be simplified – this is a fundamental challenge that the industry has avoided talking about. This need for simplification is what lies at the core of “Security Abstraction “
Jim Ivers's picture
Many of you understand that addressing the vulnerabilities in your software is something you can no longer ignore, and are ready to get serious about software security.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
While sprinting from distraction to distraction may fool some people, it won’t fool nearly enough to justify the risk it introduces into your organization.
Alan Cohen's picture
Organizations of any size can do one important thing to help address this challenge: better segment their interior networks and data center operations.