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Zscaler, a provider of cloud-based security solutions, has raised $100 million in a round of funding led by late stage investor TPG.
Beware of fake Windows 10 upgrade emails! They carry a piece of ransomware that encrypts your files.
FDA advises healthcare organizations to stop using Hospira Symbiq drug pumps. The product has been retired.
A vulnerability in fingerprint access controllers made by Chiyu Technology could allow hackers to make it easy to open doors.
Cisco has patched a serious DoS vulnerability in ASR routers. The flaw is related to fragmented IPv4, IPv6 packet processing.
Hackers breach systems of operations performance management firm PagerDuty. Names, email addresses, and password hashes accessed in attack.
According to the results of a recent survey of 1,071 IT and IT security practitioners, most respondents said that more security incidents are caused by unintentional mistakes rather than intentional and/or malicious acts.
Researchers have demonstrated that Rowhammer attacks can be launched remotely using JavaScript.
Facebook’s new Security Checkup tool for desktop is now available globally. Mobile version coming soon.
The poor signal-to-noise ratio of public bug bounty programs is making invite-only programs more attractive, says Bugcrowd.

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Wade Williamson's picture
Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can provide invaluable human intelligence to nation-state attackers who are often behind the most sophisticated attacks.
David Holmes's picture
As new SSL vulnerabilities surface, we can use our enterprise-specific categorization to decide if it’s going to be a Godzilla day or a Hello Kitty day.
Scott Gainey's picture
Organizations are asking the question – how much do I really need to spend on security in order to tip the scales in my favor? In order to answer that question you must first quantify the impact and risk of a cyber attack.
Jason Polancich's picture
In today’s cyber defense world as in other business domains, actions should speak louder than words. Yet, too often, being “actionable” is just that - a word with no meaning.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
When rock stars use their platforms to harp on populist issues or bring attention to themselves or their agendas, it comes at the expense of all of these challenges. In my view, this does not help advance the state of security.
Fahmida Y. Rashid's picture
A CISO's job is on the line after a data breach, even if he or she had no authority to make changes or implement necessary plans.
Travis Greene's picture
Does it really matter if someone steals your healthcare records? What would a hacker do with that information? Sell it? To whom and for what purpose?
Alan Cohen's picture
Like other forms of technical debt, security debt must be paid down, which ultimately leads to a more agile and secure enterprise.
Danelle Au's picture
If your organization is not equipped to deal with the security of Emergent IT, it is probably not equipped to deal with the security of mainstream applications sanctioned by IT.
Marc Solomon's picture
Given the continuous innovation by attackers, it’s likely that your malware analysis needs have exceeded the capabilities of traditional sandboxing technologies.