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Wyoming Hospital's Services Disrupted by Ransomware

Gillette, Wyoming-based Campbell County Memorial Hospital continues to experience service disruptions after a ransomware attack hit Campbell County Health’s computer systems on Friday.

The attack forced the hospital to cancel some surgeries, as well as to cancel outpatient lab, respiratory therapy and radiology exams and procedures, and new inpatient admissions.

“Campbell County Health has been the victim of a ransomware attack. All CCH computer systems have been affected, which impacts the organization’s ability to provide patient care,” Campbell County Health, which runs the hospital, said.

When it first announced the incident, the organization said that patients presenting to the emergency department and walk-in clinic would be triaged and transferred to an appropriate care facility if needed.

“We are working with regional facilities to transfer patients to if we are not able to provide safe care. The Emergency Department is open and staffed with our expert team of physicians and nursing to assess and evaluate patient care needs,” Campbell County Health said on Friday.

The disruption was quickly identified as being caused by ransomware, a type of malware designed to encrypt user files and prevent access to them or to the infected system. Patient and employee data was not accessed in the attack, the health organization claims.

Campbell County Health contacted the appropriate authorities immediately after discovering the attack, but the investigation into the matter continues.

“At this point in time, there is no evidence that any patient data has been accessed or misused. The investigation is ongoing, and we will provide updates when more information becomes available. We are working diligently to restore complete access to our services,” Campbell County Health said.

As of Sunday, emergency medical services (EMS), the emergency department, the maternal child (OB) department, and the walk-in clinic were open, but the hospital continues to advise patients to call in advance to confirm their appointments.

On Sunday, the hospital still had cancelled or rescheduled services, including surgery, respiratory therapy, cardiac rehab, radiology, and several others. The majority of its services, however, were open.

Over the past few years, ransomware hit numerous cities in the United States, including LaPorte County (Indiana), Jackson County (Georgia), Riviera Beach (Florida), Lake City (Florida), Atlanta, Baltimore, and New Bedford.

Health organizations weren’t spared either, LabCorp and Hancock Health being only two of the most recently affected.

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