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Websense Unveils New Mobile DLP Solution

Websense today unveiled a new Mobile DLP solution to help prevent sensitive data loss via mobile devices, whether connected through cellular carriers or WiFi. The new solution, Websense Mobile DLP™, helps prevent the loss of confidential data on iPads, iPhones, Android, and other mobile devices by utilizing content security controls. The solution leverages the Websense TRITON architecture, which provides unified content security, including Web, email, and DLP, and when extended to mobile devices, provides organizations with flexibility, truly integrated Web, email, and data security policies and seamless administration.

Websense Mobile DLP on iPadWebsense Mobile DLP identifies corporate mail communications to mobile devices and quarantines confidential emails on the Exchange Server for access only on authorized machines along with reporting and remediation capabilities. No endpoint client or “agent” software is required to be installed on the mobile device. Email that is not confidential will still be available to the mobile user.

As we enter 2011, companies are looking to even further mobilize their business and use smartphones and tablets as primary work and communication tools. The increased usage of personal devices connecting to the corporate network, social Web, and SaaS applications opens up new channels for data loss, and an inherent need for IT to control how employees and devices access sensitive data.

"The explosive growth of smartphones and tablets along with the complication of the consumerization of IT -- employees using personal mobiles for business purposes -- are challenges for the enterprise. How do you safely enable these devices within the enterprise without putting confidential data at risk?" said Chris Christiansen, program vice president for IDC's Security Products and Services. "These smart wireless devices are legitimate and powerful business tools but they can be data loss liabilities. Protection should be about managing the content -- Web, email, data, social networking, not just the device."

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