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Sourcefire Helps Combat Mobile Threats on Enterprise Networks

Sourcefire’s FireSIGHT and FireAMP Mobile Provide Visibility and Control to Help Discover and Block Mobile Threats on Enterprise Networks

Cybersecurity solutions provider Sourcefire today announced new solutions designed to help enterprises protect against advanced threats stemming from mobile devices and the challenges associated with the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) trend.

Sourcefire LogoThe combination of FireSIGHT, Sourcefire’s technology that provides visibility into the number and types of devices connecting to a network, as well as applications, users, content, attacks, vulnerabilities, and behavior and changes in a user’s environment, combined with the newly introduced FireAMP™ Mobile solution, provide organizations with information that helps them identify mobile devices connecting to the network and determine if a device is at risk and, if so, take measures to protect it.

According to the company, FireAMP Mobile integrates cloud-based analysis capabilities to determine if a mobile application is malicious, enabling it to deliver real-time protection against newly discovered threats. It also helps organizations to block and control malicious applications, and unwanted applications, while letting those determined to be trustworthy to run.

Sourcefire’s FireAMP Mobile also lets customers generate reports that provide important threat intelligence, specific to their environments. Such reports include the top mobile malware incidents and blacklisted and/or non-whitelisted apps that have been installed on mobile devices.

"In today's mobile enterprise, where BYOD is becoming the norm, organizations need an increased level of intelligence that allows them to identify risky behavior and applications on employee devices, so that they can take measures to protect corporate assets," said Martin Roesch, founder and CTO of Sourcefire.

Both FireSIGHT and FireAMP Mobile are currently available.

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