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Solace Systems and Layer 7 Technologies Partner on Technology Integration

Solace Systems and Layer 7 Technologies Team Up on Scalable Messaging for SOA and Cloud Environments

Solace Systems and Layer 7 Technologies have announced a joint venture in which the companies will integrate their technologies to offer scalable and secure SOA and cloud based solutions to their customers.Solace Sytems

The companies said a statement that their partnership will involve the integration of messaging middleware appliances offered by Solace and Layer 7's SecureSpan Gateways in order to offer developers the flexibility to create cloud based virtual environments complete with enterprise service buses (ESBs) and a high level of security and management options.Solace Systems and Layer 7 Technologies

Canada based Solace Technologies offers middleware appliances that allow customers to manage the flow of information between applications, datacenters and the organisation. The middleware appliances offered by Solace come with a low deployment cost and offer better performance than software based solutions, according to the company.

Solace offers information management services to financial firms, government agencies and telecom services providers including Barclays, US DHS and BT.

Layer 7 Technologies on the other hand, offers security and governance tools for SOA and cloud based environment to customers looking to protect their applications in the cloud and migrate to public and private cloud in a secure manner. The SecureSpan XML Gateway technology allows SOA, web based and cloud based environments to enforce vital security policies, regulate the access to key services and protection from malicious attacks on the system.

As more and more companies are shifting their communications infrastructure to a wide area network and cloud based environments, the joint venture between Solace Systems and Layer 7 Technologies will allow the organizations to share information in real-time across a secure cloud based environment.

Many enterprises today seek interoperability amongst their mesh of services and cloud integration which this combination is likely to address.

SOA architecture typically allows individual services to be coordinated and quickly joined together to form composite services, offer companies the flexibility to drastically cut down on IT infrastructure cost and such tie-ups allow solutions providers to offer a better price advantage to their customers.

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