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Siemens Releases Several Advisories for Vulnerabilities in Third-Party Components

Siemens on Tuesday published 12 new security advisories to inform customers about nearly two dozen vulnerabilities affecting its products.

Half of the new advisories cover vulnerabilities in third-party components. One of these advisories is related to AMNESIA:33, a collection of vulnerabilities discovered recently in open source TCP/IP stacks. Siemens has been publishing advisories to describe the impact of these flaws on its products, and the latest advisory focuses on the impact of two AMNESIA:33 denial-of-service (DoS) flaws on SENTRON 3VA and PAC Meter products.

Two advisories are related to NUMBER:JACK, a set of TCP/IP stack vulnerabilities that were discovered even more recently. The advisories describe the impact of some NUMBER:JACK issues, ones that allow session hijacking, on the SIMATIC MV400 optical readers and PLUSCONTROL products used in the energy sector.

Siemens also informed customers that its SIMATIC NET CM 1542-1 and SCALANCE SC600 devices are affected by a DoS vulnerability that exists in libcurl, a multiprotocol file transfer library.

Another advisory describes five vulnerabilities affecting Luxion’s 3D rendering and animation software KeyShot. The security holes are related to the processing of specially crafted files and they can be exploited for arbitrary code execution.

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The company has released yet another advisory for file parsing vulnerabilities in product development solutions — these types of advisories were also released in January and February.

Siemens also issued an advisory for an account takeover vulnerability affecting the Mendix Forgot Password Appstore module. The German industrial giant acquired the Mendix low-code platform in 2018.

The remaining advisories address a high-severity DoS vulnerability in SCALANCE and RUGGEDCOM devices, high-severity unauthorized access issues in SINEMA Remote Connect Server, a DoS vulnerability in LOGO! 8 BM, and DoS flaws in SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM.

Siemens has released or plans on releasing updates for many of these vulnerabilities, but in some cases the company has advised customers to implement mitigations or workarounds to protect their systems or devices against potential attacks.

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