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SAP Patches Log4Shell Vulnerability in More Applications

German software maker SAP this week announced its first set of security updates for 2022, including patches for more applications affected by the Log4Shell vulnerability.

Last month, after revealing it had identified 32 applications that use the vulnerable Apache Log4j library, the company released patches for 20 of them.

On its January 2022 Security Patch Day, SAP published a security note that consolidates all of the security notes released to address Log4Shell. A total of 26 such notes have been released to date, patching the security error in 21 applications.

SAP announced the release of a total of 11 new Patch Day security notes, along with 16 out-of-band notes and three updates to previously released notes.

According to enterprise application security firm Onapsis, five other security notes were released between the second Tuesday of December 2021 and the second Tuesday of January 2022.

The most important of these security notes deal with the vulnerable Log4j component, including an older issue found in a previous variant of the library and tracked as CVE-2019-17571 (CVSS score of 9.8).

Another important security note (CVSS score of 8.7) that SAP published this week deals with a cross-site scripting (XSS) and a code injection vulnerability in S/4HANA, which exist because the app does not check uploaded and downloaded files.

“The first vulnerability allows an attacker with basic user rights to run arbitrary script code, resulting in sensitive information being disclosed or modified. The second one enables an attacker with basic user rights to inject dangerous content or malicious code which could result in critical information being modified or completely compromise the availability of the application,” Onapsis explains.

SAP also patched a couple of information disclosure bugs in Business One, an XSS flaw in Enterprise Threat Detection, and an information disclosure issue in NetWeaver Application Server for ABAP and ABAP Platform, all medium severity.

Furthermore, the company updated three security notes released on December 2021 Patch Day, dealing with a code injection bug in NetWeaver AS ABAP, improper input validation in 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer, and missing authorization check in GRC Access Control.

“With 35 new and updated notes, including 20 HotNews Notes (all affecting Log4j) and six new and updated High Priority Notes, the first SAP Patch Tuesday in 2022 impressively demonstrates the serious impact of Log4j on SAP applications,” Onapsis notes.

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