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Red Hat Open-Sourcing StackRox Security Technology

Red Hat this week announced that it’s taking the first steps towards open-sourcing the StackRox container security product for Kubernetes.

Announced only months after Red Hat bought StackRox, the new StackRox community project follows the organization’s business model of providing open source enterprise solutions.

The upstream project will “work to open source and manage the code that powers Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes,” which offers Kubernetes-native security for all those using Red Hat OpenShift, and to various public cloud Kubernetes services.

Open-sourcing StackRox is expected to provide a wider set of choices to users looking to keep Kubernetes environments protected, and should also drive further product developments.

“Once up and running, the StackRox project will enable users to address major security use cases across the application lifecycle, including visibility, vulnerability management, configuration management, network segmentation, compliance, threat detection and incident response, as well as risk profiling,” Red Hat says.

Furthermore, Red Hat says it will contribute to open source projects that StackRox software takes advantage of and actively engage with those communities.

The StackRox community will also encompass static analysis tool KubeLinter, which was open-sourced in October 2020 and which helps identify misconfigurations, as well as enforce security best practices.

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