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Panther Labs Launches Open-Source Cloud-Native SIEM

San Francisco-based cloud security startup Panther Labs has launched the first stable version of its open-source security information and event management (SIEM) solution, Panther.

Fully running on top of cloud-native services offered by AWS (including Lambda, ECS, DynamoDB, S3, Cognito, and more), the new solution promises a new approach to SIEM, aiming to provide smaller teams with the necessary tools to detect, investigate, and remediate threats at a low cost.

Advertised as “a powerful alternative to traditional SIEMs like Splunk,” Panther is self-hosted and it uses Python to analyze logs from popular security tools, and also includes support for analyzing cloud resources with policies to help discover vulnerable infrastructure and establish security best practices.

The SIEM was designed to provide small teams with the ability to detect threats at scale, Jack Naglieri, founder of Panther Labs, explains. Panther doesn’t require control over customer data and extensive knowledge of a domain-specific syntax, delivering necessary capabilities with lower resource needs.

The solution receives security logs from clouds, networks, endpoints, and more; scans cloud infrastructure to determine security posture; saves all data to the customer’s data warehouse (powered by Athena/Glue/S3); delivers alerts via Slack, PagerDuty, etc; and also supports applying automatic remediation.

The first stable release of Panther arrived with support for analyzing logs from AWS, OSS tools such as Osquery, OSSEC, Suricata, and the like; support for threat hunting on security data with standardized fields (IPs, domains, etc); and real-time cloud configuration monitoring; among other features.

The solution also includes over 150 built-in detections based on CIS and security best practices, and provides security teams with a UI to create, update and tune analysis.

Panther is currently available as a free community version, and an enterprise version that provides “next-level performance and scale.” The company also plans on launching a hosted version.

Information on how to deploy and use Panther is available on its GitHub repository.

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