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Insurer CNA Fully Restores Systems Following Ransomware Attack

Commercial insurer CNA this week announced that it has fully restored its systems following a ransomware attack two months ago.

The incident, which the Chicago, Illinois-based company revealed on March 23, affected various CNA systems, including the corporate email, and caused network disruptions.

At the time, the company only said that it suffered a sophisticated cyberattack and that it decided to disconnect systems from the network.

This week, CNA confirmed that ransomware was indeed involved in the incident, while also noting that restoration efforts have been completed.

“We continue to progress our investigation into this incident, in partnership with the third-party forensic experts working to assist CNA. We are pleased that in a short time since the ransomware event, we are now operating in a fully restored state,” the company said.

The ransomware attack was detected on March 21, when the company decided to disconnect systems to contain the infection. According to CNA, all attacker activity happened prior to March 21, with the threat actor fully expelled from the environment since.

CNA also revealed that it conducted a system-by-system restoration activity that involved deploying an advanced detection and monitoring solution, scanning systems for and remediating indicators of compromise, and ensuring that systems are clean.

“Our investigation identified the scope of impacted data in the incident, as well as the servers on which the data resided. We are reviewing the impacted data to determine the contents using both technology and a manual review,” CNA says.

However, the company hasn’t yet provided details on whether any policyholder or personal data was affected in the incident and says that scans of the Dark Web did not reveal that any of the potentially compromised data is being shared between threat actors.

“We do not believe that the Systems of Record, claims systems, or underwriting systems, where the majority of policyholder data–including policy terms and coverage limits–is stored, were impacted,” CNA also says.

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