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ICS Patch Tuesday: Siemens, Schneider Electric Address 40 Vulnerabilities

The first round of security advisories released by Siemens and Schneider Electric in 2022 address a total of 40 vulnerabilities.


Siemens has released five advisories addressing a total of 14 vulnerabilities. Based on the CVSS score, the most important advisory describes two flaws affecting SICAM A8000 devices.

One of the flaws, rated critical, is related to an undocumented debug port that uses hardcoded default credentials, enabling an attacker to access an administrative debug shell on the device. The second issue has been classified as medium severity and it allows an unauthenticated attacker to access log files and diagnostic data.

Another advisory from Siemens describes two high-severity and two medium-severity issues affecting the COMOS plant engineering software. An attacker can exploit the flaws for arbitrary code or command execution.

Siemens has also released another advisory related to the Nucleus RTOS vulnerabilities tracked as NUCLEUS:13. Specifically, the advisory addresses the impact of these flaws on PLUSCONTROL devices.

The remaining advisories describe a medium-severity information disclosure issue in SIPROTEC 5 products, and a low-severity bug that can be leveraged to achieve persistence or a DoS condition in the SICAM PQ Analyzer.

Siemens has released patches and/or mitigations for all of these security holes.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric has released seven advisories addressing 26 vulnerabilities.

One advisory describes two high-severity vulnerabilities in Easergy P5 medium-voltage protection relays. The flaws could allow an attacker to disrupt or take full control of a device, which could “result in loss of protection to your electrical network,” Schneider warned.

A separate advisory describes a vulnerability that has a similar impact on Easergy P3 relays.

Another advisory addresses two high- and two medium-severity issues in the EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert product. The flaws can be exploited to obtain information or to disrupt systems.

Schneider has also informed customers about six high- and medium-severity vulnerabilities affecting ConneXium Tofino firewall products. Exploitation of these weaknesses can lead to service interruption or configuration changes to allow malicious network traffic.

The other advisories describe 10 vulnerabilities that exist in third-party components from Codesys, DoS and CSRF flaws in Modicon M340 controllers, and a weakness in the Easergy T300 RTU that could lead to code execution or a DoS condition.

Schneider has also released patches and/or mitigations for the vulnerabilities found in its products.

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