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ERPScan Launches AI-Driven SAP Security Platform

ERPScan, a company that specializes in security solutions for SAP and Oracle enterprise resource planning (ERP) products, announced this week the launch of a new AI-driven cybersecurity platform for SAP systems.

The new product, ERPScan SMART Cybersecurity Platform for SAP, is designed to help organizations prevent, detect, and respond to threats targeting their SAP systems.

The platform’s assessment module allows security teams to identify vulnerabilities, custom code issues, misconfigurations, and segregation of duties (SoD) violations that could introduce risks. The prevention component enables employees to address issues and apply virtual patches.

The SMART Cybersecurity Platform for SAP includes modules for detecting malware and other malicious activity, and helps incident response teams quickly obtain information needed to contain a breach. The product also provides C-level executives and managers a comprehensive view of their organization’s security posture.

According to ERPScan, the platform leverages machine learning, specifically deep learning, to create a baseline for normal user behavior, which it then uses to detect potentially malicious activity carried out by both insiders and external entities.

The new platform combines the functionality of existing ERPScan SAP tools with machine learning and new modules for detection, response and monitoring.

“This solution is a real breakthrough for us,” said Alexander Polyakov, founder and CTO of ERPScan. “We spent the last two years on developing a solution that would be able to not only cover all areas of SAP cybersecurity, but also be intuitive by adding machine learning and adaptive interfaces. Our secret team of data scientists and machine learning experts battled with the experienced Research team and taught the system to detect advanced attacks and anomalous user behavior. Now we are ready to present the new generation of SAP cybersecurity products, and it's so exciting.”

Polyakov told SecurityWeek that the product is currently being tested by some early adopters, and expects it to become generally available in the second half of January 2018.

ERPScan has made significant contributions to improving SAP security, not only through its products, but also by informing the vendor of many vulnerabilities discovered by its researchers.

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