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Entrust Adds to Certificate Discovery Service Offering

Entrust introduced new services today with the goal of helping its customers solve common challenges associated with managing digital certificates.

The additional services are part of the company's Entrust Discovery service, and are meant to ensure organizations can avoid application outages, enforce compliance and manage multi-source certificate environments.

Entrust SSL“Enterprise technical environments are too complex to believe that buying a few SSL certificates is sufficient to satisfy both internal and external security and compliance responsibilities,” said Entrust President and CEO Bill Conner, in a statement.

To help organizations avoid application outages, Entrust Discovery now includes automatic certificate chain validation email alerts to identify the status of an organization's applications, sites or server to help confirm they are secure. While a publically trusted certificate may be installed correctly, intermediate SSL certificates installed improperly will make websites appear unsecure to end-users, the company said in the product announcement. With this feature, the company contends, organizations and businesses can avoid lost sales, address compliance issues and reduce administrator workloads.

Entrust has also included graphic-based reports with custom charts, filtering and rules to help organizations understand the certificates used by their organization. The new advanced rules can be used to automate certificate tasks based on policy.

The enhanced Entrust Discovery offering is also aimed at simplifying the management of certificates in multi-organization environments by allowing administrators to split data into “organizations” to allow them to delegate control of different certificates pools.

“From discovery, management and validation, to analysis and reporting, digital certificate management is required on an ongoing basis," Conner said. "This is particularly true for large organizations that may have different types of digital certificates from many different vendors.”

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