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CORE Security Integrates Threat Modeling, Vulnerability Management and Analytics in Insight 3.0

CORE Security, a provider of security intelligence and penetration testing tools, this week announced a significant upgrade to CORE Insight Enterprise, the company’s vulnerability management solution.

Now at version 3.0, CORE Insight offers multi-vector vulnerability assessment, asset categorization, threat simulation, penetration testing and security analytics, all in the context of network topography, CORE Security said.

Additionally, the product now offers a unified security risk management console that streamlines the vulnerability management lifecycle – prioritizing and reducing risk in the context of business, regulatory compliance and operational metrics, CORE explained.

The latest version of CORE Insight also offers improved automation that allows teams to focus on reducing the costs and complexity of security management across an enterprise, and allows IT and security stakeholders to understand what’s happening, why it’s happening and what actions to take.

Other key features offered by CORE Insight 3.0 include:

• Security Risk Management capabilities that allow users to integrate IT security and risk management into the executive levels of business planning by associating validated threats with key business assets.

• The ability to correlate vulnerabilities, network topographies, and cyber-attack expertise to identify high-probability exposures and attack paths to the assets identified as critical

• Allowing security experts to prioritize and remediate the threats that are most likely to compromise critical assets.

CORE Insight 3.0 helps organizations address security gaps by consolidating, analyzing and prioritizing large amounts of security data, and delivers detailed analysis of data to identify attack paths, based on known vulnerabilities and exploits, which can be used to compromise network assets.

By analyzing captured security data, Insight helps identify the actual vulnerabilities which in turn allows security personnel to remediate the identified network assets far more efficiently, CORE Said.

Insight 3.0 also integrates tightly with CORE Impact, the company’s penetration testing tool, and allows a validated exploit to be fed to CORE Impact for targeted, live exploit testing and investigation.

“With today’s constantly-evolving threat landscape, security professionals and business leaders don’t need more security-related data, they need more security intelligence,” said Milan Shah, senior vice president of products and engineering at CORE Security.

“With the delivery of Insight 3.0, we are providing a solution that streamlines the entire vulnerability management lifecycle –prioritizing and reducing risk in context of business, regulatory compliance and operational metrics that allows different types of users to get the available information they need quickly,” Shah added.

CORE Insight Enterprise 3.0 is available immediately and pricing depends on the number of assets scanned.

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