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Oliver Rochford

Oliver has worked as a penetration tester, consultant, researcher, and industry analyst. He has been interviewed, cited, and quoted by media, think tanks, and academia for his research. Oliver has worked for companies such as Qualys, Verizon, Tenable, and Gartner. At Gartner he covered Security Operations topics like SIEM, and co-named SOAR. He is the Chief Futurist for Tenzir, working on the next generation of data engineering tools for security.

The Spiegel reports that the cyber-attack against the half-state owned telecommunications provider Belgacom was an operation executed by the UK’s GCHQ, based on documents...

For many victims of an information security breach, prioritization of vulnerabilities becomes an act forced upon them a priori. “Ooops, that one was serious,...

What would happen if Chinese or Russian agents were to conduct a covert operation, sabotaging America’s electricity grid using targeted bombs, leading to widespread...

The Greatest Problem With the Perception of Cyberwar is That it is a Separate Thing to Conventional Warfare. That is Just the Novelty Factor.

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