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Cisco Unveils SecureX Security Platform

Cisco on Monday unveiled SecureX, a new cloud-native security platform designed to improve visibility, deliver analytics, and automate common security workflows.

SecureX, expected to become generally available in June, will unify visibility across an organization’s security portfolio, including Cisco and third-party solutions. It can help analyze data across endpoints, network traffic and cloud environments, and it will help organizations quickly identify threats and respond to them, Cisco said.

In addition to unifying existing security products, Cisco told SecurityWeek, the new platform adds an action orchestrator to “build automated playbooks to accelerate workflows such as threat investigation and remediation, as well as enable better collaboration amongst SecOps teams as well as IT and NetOps teams.”

“It brings the power of the largest threat research team on the planet into the customer’s SOC directly via SecureX. We often receive the question on how to buy Cisco Talos—our customers receive the benefits of Talos with SecureX in more powerful ways, surfacing intelligence and automating the ability to hunt for threats across their environment based on new Talos research into threats,” the company explained.

At launch, the platform’s action orchestrator will have built-in adapters for 70-80 infrastructure and third-party products, including ServiceNow, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and multiple SIEMs. In addition, Cisco Security has over 300 integrations with the products SecureX emerges from, and the platform provides a marketplace for recommending and categorizing existing integrations, which should help customers “know how to maximize their benefits and unlock new value using what they already have.”

SecureX is included with every Cisco Security product and existing customers can benefit from the new platform free of charge. Customers will need to create a free single sign-on account at to log into the SecureX platform. Cisco says no new layer of technology is required.

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