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Supply Chain Security

Attackers are getting more sophisticated, better armed, and faster. Nothing in Rapid7's 2024 Attack Intelligence Report suggests that this will change.

Supply Chain Security

The discovery of the XZ Utils backdoor reminds an F-Droid developer of a similar incident that occurred a few years ago.

Supply Chain Security

Urgent security alerts issued as malicious code was found embedded in the XZ Utils data compression library used in many Linux distributions.

Malware Upload Attack Hits PyPI Repository

Malware & Threats

Maintainers of the Python Package Index (PyPI) repository were forced to suspend new project creation and new user registration to mitigate a malware upload...

Binarly Attracts $10.5M to Tackle Software Supply Chain Security


Los Angeles firmware and software supply chain firm banks $10.5 million in seed-stage funding led by Two Bear Capital.

Supply Chain Security

Join the fully immersive virtual event us as we explore the critical nature of software and vendor supply chain security issues. (Login Now)