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Supply Chain Security

North Korean hackers breached a Taiwanese company and used its systems to deliver malware to the US, Canada, Japan and Taiwan in a supply...

Cloud Security

Researchers at Aqua call urgent attention to the public exposure of Kubernetes configuration secrets, warning that hundreds of organizations are vulnerable to this “ticking...

US Government Issues Guidance on SBOM Consumption

Supply Chain Security

CISA, NSA, and ODNI issue new guidance on managing open source software and SBOMs to maintain awareness on software security.

Risk Ledger Raises £6.25 Million for Supply Chain Security Solution

Cybersecurity Funding

UK-based Risk Ledger has raised £6.25 million (~$7.65 million) in Series A funding to prevent supply chain attacks.

Supply Chain Startup Chainguard Scores $61 Million Series B

Application Security

Washington startup Chainguard banks $61 million in new financing as investors make hefty wagers on software supply chain security companies.

North Korean Hackers Exploiting Recent TeamCity Vulnerability

Supply Chain Security

Multiple North Korean hacking groups have exploited a recent TeamCity vulnerability and Microsoft warns of potential supply chain attacks.